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Mark Kirtland

Editor and Writer

I believe writing and editing is an invaluable partnership in the creative process, and as an editor I strive to strengthen prose with clarity, direction, and focus. Every project is unique and I enjoy the iterative process of sculpting even the roughest concepts into a polished final product. For over fifteen years I have assisted businesses, organizations, and individuals in promoting their products and ideas. I have collaborated withmark-kirtland academics, scientists, diverse professionals, and authors from many walks of life, helping them refine their work while preserving their individual voices.

Among the services I offer are proofreading and various levels of editing adjusted to client budgets. I also accept projects as a copywriter, copy editor, technical writer and editor, and ghostwriter. I have written hyper-focused hundred-word advertisements, multi-page technical brochures, user guides, manuals, reports, copy for corporate websites, and developed concepts and scripts for videogames. I have engaged in extended collaborative projects with fellow professionals across
Canada, the United States and around the world. I write and edit in Canadian, US, and British English with attention to detail appropriate for each market.

I am a member of the Editors’ Association of Canada and Writers’ Guild of Alberta.

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