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Rebecca Smith

rebecca-smith-photoAs a high-conversion creative copywriter, I’ve studied under some of the greats like Joanna Wiebe of CopyHackers and currently run my own freelance agency serving as head content strategist at WordPlenty for 3 years.

With methods rooted in persuasive psychology, data-backed research and strategy, I edit and ghostwrite content that speaks directly to your ideal reader. Making it easy for people to understand exactly what you’re all about and why that directly benefits them. No more mediocre, dry excuses for content that doesn’t truthfully represent how remarkable you are.

I have a background in film and theatre which helps me today in ghostwriting where I’m required to disappear completely in each new character/author. I specialize in ghostwriting and editing thought leadership, optimizing web content, overseeing content marketing and brand strategy.

In an endless study of the power of storytelling, I’ve learned from masters like Robert McKee about proper story structure, the hero’s journey, and how to hook your reader from beginning to end. I believe storytelling lives in the most ancient parts of our brains and still marvel at the ideas and emotions that fire when readers connect to a message. I’d be honored to help you share yours.

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